Sunday, November 25, 2012

Thanksgiving Break

Hello again,

Feels like it's been forever since we last talked. I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving with lots of good food and great company. Mine was awesome, I was fortunate enough to visit the fabulous state of New Hampshire and spend it with the Pierce's and Sarah Fitzgerald, lots of good laughs. For as short as break was, we had to get back to school to continue in our preparation for Mt. Ida which was played today. I'm happy to report that we got the "W" and it was an all around great team effort; players 1-15 participated in helping us get the victory. Here are two pictures from the game, take a look:

 This is our pre-game pump up huddle
This is the tip off
Photo-cred is courtesy of our athletic director, thanks! Now that Thanksgiving week is over, I'm sure most of you are getting ready for the holiday season rush, but us, we're getting ready for our holiday season, NEWMAC play. These next two games are pivotal as we have a stretch of four NEWMAC games before Christmas break starting with the Coast Guard Academy on Wednesday. Stay tuned for all the updates, until next time...

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Week in Recap

Hi all,

Since my last post we have had a very busy week. We opened up our season against Roger Williams University on the road this past Thursday. Although the turnout was not in our favor, it gave us fire going into the practice and the weekend ahead. Having a great practice on Friday we were looking forward to hosting our Cheryl Warren-Powers Tournament where we played Lesley in the first game on Saturday. Here are a few photos from the weekend:

Cheryl's children being given Wheaton One-sie Uniforms
We even had the Norton Travel team that we mentored cheering us on!
Overall, Saturday was a huge success. We had a fantastic crowd full of alums, family, and school supporters, along with several local basketball teams who came to cheer us on (can't forget the lion). We raised a good amount of money for the cause being promoted and we played well, throughout the entire team, against Lesley to secure the win and send us into the championship game on Sunday. Today (Sunday) we played against Suny Oneonta from New York State. We were not able to pull out a victory, a victory that should have been ours, but we took it as a learning experience to not want to feel like that again. With that burning sensation in our stomachs, we head into this weeks practices before our final non-conference game against Mt. Ida on Sunday, and after that comes NEWMAC play. On behalf of the team, I want to thank those who came out and supported us in any way that they could this weekend, and we look forward to working hard and getting better before Mt. Ida. I hope everyone has a safe and wonderful Thanksgiving, until next time...

Friday, November 16, 2012

Cheryl-Warren Powers Memorial Tournament

Hi all,

I just wanted to take this opportunity to promote our home tournament this weekend, 11/17-18. Below you will find a link to our athletics page so you can further read on to see what it is all about. It's a great cause and we'll have some great competition here. We hope that you can join us for our first home games of the season! See you soon..

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Countdown to RWU

Hi all,

Sorry this post is coming to you so late, social psychology has become my new best friend over these past couple of days. Never the less, I posted now so I wouldn't disappoint my faithful followers. This week in review has been a busy one to say the least and looking ahead it won't be dying down either; but hey, we're college students and thrive off of having multiple tasks on our plate. As mentioned last week, I gave a shout-out to our women's soccer team, well this time, you guessed it I would like to do the same and congratulate them on making it to the NCAA Sweet 16 round that will be played this weekend. How'd they get there you may be wondering, well they received an at large bid (rightfully so) which allowed them to enter based on their strength of schedule and record. Not only that but they also earned the right to host the first two rounds right here at Wheaton. Defeating an un-defeated Westfield State on Saturday and a very tough Williams on Sunday they earned a spot in the Sweet 16 and we wish them nothing but the best of luck!

Since my last post we had our final scrimmage against CCRI and we played very well against a talented team which was great motivation heading into the final week of practice before our season opener.We also had the great opportunity to work with Heller's Angels Saturday night and help host/ be a part of their fall harvest ball. Activities such as dancing, an award ceremony for the kids participation in the program, arts and crafts, and even face painting as shown below; we had a blast and as did the angels!

Laura enjoying the face painting station with some kids

After an eventful Saturday, we started off Sundays practice with team goal setting, we selected three goals that the team wants to achieve by the end of the year. That in turn set the mood for our practice and realistically the tone for the rest of the year. As mentioned earlier, our season opener is this Thursday at Roger Williams, hard to believe that pre-season is almost over which means that practice more than ever this week needs to be our best yet. With every ones excitement for the season to start, I have no doubt practice will be just that. I'm off to continue studying, until next time...

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Since Last Time

Hi all,

After Hurricane Sandy did its destruction on the east coast, I hope that this post doesn't find anyone with a whole lot of troubles. I know that New Jersey got hit pretty hard, there's hardly any Jersey Shore left and my family still has no power and there is no indication of when it is suppose to return. I'm sure my two youngest sisters are just about going crazy without having any of their electronics and probably suffering through hours of board games. However, for us up at Wheaton we were fortunate enough to not get hit too hard. We experienced some strong winds and heavy rain at times which called for no school on October 29th, but all was resumed after that. Now the newest weather forecast is a nor'easter supposedly hitting come Wednesday, hopefully this is nothing too extreme.

To break away from the weather, we had our first scrimmage last week which was a lot of fun, overall things went well, our team played hard, and with a lot of energy; but there is always room for improvement. Our next one is scheduled for this coming Wednesday's (11/7/12) at home, come support if you're around. To stay on the topic of sports, I want to give a HUGE shout out to our nationally ranked women's soccer team who made it all the way to the NEWMAC championship today at Springfield College. Their game was played at 1pm and unfortunately the outcome was not in our favor however, their accomplishments that were reached this season is nothing short of amazing.

Finally, I hope that everyone had a tremendous Halloween, I know that we made the most out of it as we possibly could up at school. To put a little smile on every ones faces, below is a picture of what our freshmen dressed up as last week (picture shown with their consent, of course):

Thanks for being troopers guys
Before practice starts, I need to figure out the classes I'm going to take for my last semester of college (absolutely crazy). I hope everyone enjoys the rest of their weekend, until next time..