Sunday, November 4, 2012

Since Last Time

Hi all,

After Hurricane Sandy did its destruction on the east coast, I hope that this post doesn't find anyone with a whole lot of troubles. I know that New Jersey got hit pretty hard, there's hardly any Jersey Shore left and my family still has no power and there is no indication of when it is suppose to return. I'm sure my two youngest sisters are just about going crazy without having any of their electronics and probably suffering through hours of board games. However, for us up at Wheaton we were fortunate enough to not get hit too hard. We experienced some strong winds and heavy rain at times which called for no school on October 29th, but all was resumed after that. Now the newest weather forecast is a nor'easter supposedly hitting come Wednesday, hopefully this is nothing too extreme.

To break away from the weather, we had our first scrimmage last week which was a lot of fun, overall things went well, our team played hard, and with a lot of energy; but there is always room for improvement. Our next one is scheduled for this coming Wednesday's (11/7/12) at home, come support if you're around. To stay on the topic of sports, I want to give a HUGE shout out to our nationally ranked women's soccer team who made it all the way to the NEWMAC championship today at Springfield College. Their game was played at 1pm and unfortunately the outcome was not in our favor however, their accomplishments that were reached this season is nothing short of amazing.

Finally, I hope that everyone had a tremendous Halloween, I know that we made the most out of it as we possibly could up at school. To put a little smile on every ones faces, below is a picture of what our freshmen dressed up as last week (picture shown with their consent, of course):

Thanks for being troopers guys
Before practice starts, I need to figure out the classes I'm going to take for my last semester of college (absolutely crazy). I hope everyone enjoys the rest of their weekend, until next time..

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