Tuesday, February 12, 2013

SuperStorm Nemo

Hello all,

I hope everyone fared well during this massive snowstorm that happened just this past weekend, here on campus I would say we got around two feet or so, enough to cancel classes both Friday and Monday as well as our Clark game that was scheduled for this past Saturday. To go along with that we had two games this past week, one against Wellesley on their home court and the postponed Clark game that we played yesterday at home. Unfortunately both games did not equate to a win and they were games that we definitely should of had in the bag. However, in addition to the Clark game yesterday, we had the little Easton girls that we have worked with before come and support us with not only their presence and voices but they also made us little Valentines Day gifts of gum and a team picture; it was absolutely adorable. Below is a picture of the snow that fell covering Haas in addition to the Easton players, take a look:
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As always, we are extremely grateful for all the thoughtful support we get from our fans. And that is definitely going to be needed in our last two games of the regular season (I can't believe I just said that). We set out to face MIT on Wednesday and then we end the week with our senior day on Saturday against Mt. Holyoke; both are must win games. We hope to see you at one or both! Until next time...

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