Monday, February 4, 2013

Update Part Two

Hello again,

Since the mid-week update we had our second game of the week against nationally ranked Babson on Saturday. Unfortunately, our big plans of upsetting them and ruining their NEWMAC win streak fell through and we were not able to pull out a win. In other news of what we did last week, we mentored and worked with the 3rd and 4th grade girls basketball players from Easton (hometown of Emily) and had an absolute blast with them! These kids were full of energy as you'll see in the photo below:

Also at the beginning of the week we had a team bonding activity of Zumba with one of the music professors at Wheaton, Professor Searles. It was so much fun, however, I'm definitely not one of the most skilled people when it comes to dancing so you'll probably be able to pick me out of the photo seeing as I am one of the only ones without any rhythm. Regardless, it was a great experience and exciting to try something new:

Today we started preparing for the week ahead with strict focus on Wellesley who we will face on their home court this Wednesday. With an intense film session and focused practice tomorrow, we look to get back on track starting off on the road. Until next time...

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