Sunday, October 21, 2012

Odds and Ends of Week One

Hello again,

Hope this post finds everyone well since last time. This entry is going to be a mix and match of a bunch of different things that have been going on since the first day of season on October 15th as well as prior to it, and actually, what better way to start then at the beginning. Since my freshman year when I first stepped onto this campus I was quickly informed that this team has been deeply rooted in the community service aspect of society for quite some time, and I'm happy to report that that bond is as strong as ever. Throughout the month of September, our team was fortunate enough to be able to collaborate with the local Norton 8th grade basketball team and host a weekly mentoring program where we not only worked on basketball but incorporated different goal settings, fun activities like handshakes and lip syncing, as well as focusing on community service projects such as 9/11, the Little Angels of Warren Powers, DJ Dream Fund, and MDS-TeamRobin. The outcome was very rewarding, seeing the kids gradually grow into not only better basketball players but members of society as well. And since I'm all about new gear, both teams acquired jerseys that showed the connection between the two communities. Some cool pictures are shown below:
My partner and I

Priceless Expression

As you know we had our Alumnae game on October 14th which was a lot of fun, although we were only able to watch, it was a great way to kick off the season and even better to see some of our old teammates, check it out:
What a great looking group. Following this came October 15th, the moment we've all be waiting for (and don't worry, we all survived) and rather then giving an in depth description of all the drills we went through, attached below is a link that will take you to our athletics web page where you can check out a video shot by our coach during the first few days:
Finally, at the end of our busy week, we spent Saturday morning working a 5K fundraiser dedicated towards the DJ Dream Fund, more information about this can be found online at this website Here in Easton, we cheered on the hundreds of people who showed up to participate in this 5K and by the looks of the pictures shown below, you can tell that we were having a blast:
Cheering on the participants
Picture with DJ's sister, Amber
Well, I think that just about does it as far as catching my loyal followers up on what Wheaton Women's basketball has been doing since last time we talked. Now back to finishing up papers for the week to come before our practice later tonight. For those of you who are Pats fans, good luck at 4:15. Until next time...

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