Saturday, October 13, 2012

The Final Countdown

Hi all,

As many of you recall, last year Wheaton Women's Basketball had the privilege of one of our freshman, Kenzie Kuhn, writing to you every week. Now that she's no longer the baby of the group, I have been given the task of taking over her duties and giving you guys a little bit of a different perspective. My name is Gabby Barbera, I'm a guard from Ridgewood in the great state of New Jersey, and this year you'll be reading about our team through my eyes, as a senior.

In a few days my final season of my basketball career is about to begin, and honestly I never thought I would be saying that. Growing up as a child (or at least I thought) basketball was a sport that I would be playing competitively forever,  it's weird to think that all of this is going to come to a close in just a few short months. However, with all the sentimental thoughts, comes feelings of anticipation and just overall excitement. If ever there was a time to give it your all, senior year would have to be it. This Sunday starts off the mixed feelings with a scrimmage played by the Alumnae which in turn will get us all pumped up for our own first practice the following day. In addition to all this, we got some pretty sweet new gear as well. Fresh out of the cardboard boxes on Wednesday were some blue sweats, a nice change from your everyday grey or black. Also, as you'll see pictured below are our new home uniforms and fancy new basketballs begging to be dribbled and shot come Monday; take a look:

Pretty sweet, huh? Just like Kenzie had struggled with laundry last season, it seems as though the library will be my second home this year and right now, it's calling my name. I hope you enjoyed the first blog of our season and I look forward to posting more as the days progress. Until next time...

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