Monday, January 14, 2013

January Break Update

Hello all,

What a busy week it has been, this is just going to be a quick update of the past few games that we have had and then at the end of this week hopefully there will be more pictures. Since the last time we talked we had four games, the first one we had a phenomenal win against Springfield college and then three tough losses to Wellesley, Clark, and as of tonight Tufts who is ranked 6th in the nation. Wellesley and Clark were two hard fought battles down to the very end and even though we lost to Tufts tonight, we out rebounded them which is definitely something to take note of. Tomorrow we prepare during practice for a tough conference game against MIT on Wednesday and then wrapping up this winter break with an away trip to Springfield College, that game being on Saturday; both should be very exciting games. Stayed tuned at the end of this week for updates and much more! Until next time...

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