Sunday, January 20, 2013

January Break Wrap-Up

Hello again,

And so this post marks the ending of my last January break at Wheaton College. Although watching Glee almost everyday was fun to do in my spare time, I for one am looking forward to having the secure structure of classes and basketball back. On basketball news, we had a great team win against MIT this past Wednesday that turned into an overtime thriller; overcoming a large deficit we were able to dig in and pull out the victory in the end. Our last game of break consisted of an overnight trip at Springfield where we were fortunate enough to enjoy the Basketball Hall of Fame, a great Italian dinner, and a nights stay at a local hotel before taking on Springfield College at 10am on Saturday. There are some great pictures at the end of this post. Unfortunately, as great as the trip was we were not able to finish with a win which was the major reason for the business trip. Now, with only eight games left in the regular season, we look to bounce back at practice tomorrow and finish out the season strong making a hard run at the post season. Enjoy the pictures! Until next time...

On the Hall of Fame Court

 Kiley sizing up her wingspan to Kevin Durant

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