Thursday, January 31, 2013

Mid-Week Update

Hi all,

I know this is not my usual posting time, but this update is definitely well worth it. As you may know, or not know, yesterday was our Play4Kay game in the collegiate effort to continue the fight against breast cancer. After we spent all day decorating the gym, painting nails, and promoting the event against a formidable WPI opponent, we were ready to play. Not only was the event such a huge success with our donations exceeding our goal of 500 dollars (earning 525) and a great crowd but we got a HUGE win against WPI sweeping them in our two-game series this year, a feat that has not been accomplished in quite some time. Here are some pictures from yesterday:

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Pink Pride!
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Decking the gym out in pink!

Thank you to all who supported us in whatever way that you guys did, it truly was a fantastic day. Now we have to start preparing to beat Babson this Saturday! Before I sign off, I would like to give a quick shout out to Kenzie Kuhn for making the Academic All-American Team! (The link is provided below) Talk to you guys soon.

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